Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Week 36 is Friday. Week 37 is term, my first goal; her lungs will probably be finished developing by then... and maybe they'll induce. Or not. Modern medicine, sheesh.

Lunar Month 10, 36 wks LMP (34 wks gestation)

Baby weighs 5.78 lbs or 2622 grams. Baby is 18.66 inches or 47.4 cm long.

In the meantime, I'm on full bedrest. I had a brief period where I could go to work three hours a day, which was at least something. I now am stuck in bed full time, trying to do some work on my laptop, and finding it a frustrating prospect. It's all because of my blood pressure, which has always been a bit high, but it makes the doctors very nervous now. So I go in three times a week for testing, but all the tests show the baby is doing great. Which is a relief.

I can now watch my belly do the boogaloo all by itself, which is a fascinating event I could stare at for hours. Never boring. Right now Savannah is high in the running for names. Thoughts?

Of course, I didn't finish getting ready to leave work, with new people trained up and all my work done in advance, as I had hoped. But I'm trying to do as much as I can from here. Z'boss keeps calling and checking on me, as does Mzmelia. So I have a lot of support, despite the fact that my mother and sister both are out of the country for the next two weeks ):(|), one in Australia visiting the family, and the other in Spain for work. And both have said they'll be upset if I have her before they're back, like I can cross my legs and hold her there if she decides she's done...

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