Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eddy's in the time continuum?

Been hiding out on Facebook. It does take all the fiddly bits of time online up, I have to say. But I like seeing what everyone is doing. I didn't realize how long it has been since I'd posted anything here.

So the maternity bag is packed and in the car. The mini-co-sleeper has been dug out of the garage and is waiting to be set up. My sister keeps going on work trips and has told me she'll give me a list of dates I can have the baby. Ha! Contingency babysitting and dogsitting plans are in place for Kyra and the mutts.

I'm constantly jostled from within by the mini Jane Fonda I am apparently cooking in there. My coworkers marvel at the ripples and bulges my belly displays. Dr. appts a thrice weekly to check on my blood pressure and make sure all is well. All is quiet at the southern border so far.

The urban fantasy issue (May) is at the printer, and Mzmelia has been covering for me diligently at conventions, though I sorely missed going to ICFA and the Nebs. And this summer I'll miss the Locus Awards and Readercon AND Worldcon in Montreal (one of a short list of cities that I have always wanted to visit and haven't made it to yet). But I'm on for the Discworld convention in September, which Z'boss is keen to do -- he's worried about getting to see Terry in the future with both of them curtailng travel. And the WFC is conveniently being held in San Jose, so is any easy one to make it to. Yay! It's my favorite con anyway, so that's something.

Then next year I should be back on a full travel schedule. Might even try to get the whole fam damily out to one, if I can wrangle it.