Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Today was a strange day -- I spun out in tiny circles at work, trying to get anything done, chipping away at several projects, but in the end feeling like I did nothing.
One standout moment, I spoke on the phone with Lloyd Alexander to see if he would be interested in contributing a piece to our YA issue in May. He was absolutely lovely, but he turned me down. He just celebrated his 82nd birthday, and he sounds great, but is laid up with a broken leg. I'm usually pretty blase about calling people, I'm all right on the phone in general. But honestly, he was the first genre writer I really read, and still holds a very special place for me. I mean, shit, I'm an editor at Locus, I'm happy, and I never would have come to where I am right now if not for THE BOOK OF THREE. So today on the whole was really pretty good.
Had a good weekend, sailed a race on Sunday, two seconds and a fourth, not too bad considerng it's been so long since I raced a boat last. It's was blowing like stink, too. Really squirrelly winds, all over the place. But I had a great time.
And I'm going to ICFA in March. Which is pretty cool, since I certainly didn't expect it. I do wish my usual con buddies went to ICFA, but I'm sure I'll have fun.
Made myself a steak dinner, nobody but me at home. Photos of Ole v. Roomba to come. Still waiting for promised book.