Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I miss Charles, more than most days. I'm going to sign the loan papers to buy a house, my first house, and it's a big deal. I'm going to owe more money than I've ever even thought about earning. Charles was the person in my life who would tell me I'm doing the right thing, that I'll be glad that I did it, and that it will all be all right. I don't have that person anymore; it was Charles, for a long time now. And I really miss him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cons this year

Looking at my schedule for the year, I'm planning on going to:

ICFA, Orlando, March 17-21
Wiscon, Madison WI, May 28-31
Locus Awards, Seattle WA, June 25-27
Readercon, Boston MA, July 6-11
Worldcon, Melbourne AUS, Sept 2-6
World Fantasy Con, Columbus OH, Oct 28-31

Still thinking about Nebs and DragonCon, but haven't decided.

Hope to see you there!