Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Belly, by request

Have received requests for belly updates... I've had about every prenatal test known to mankind, and they've all had good results. It's a girl, and we have about 15 names in the running, so the debate continues. I'm about ready to have a "Name That Baby" contest.

At 28 wks out of 40, I'm starting now to freak out slightly about the whole birth gig. Under strict orders from my doctor not to let anyone tell me birthing horror stories, and other than a certain writer/med student telling me about how smelly newborns, and births in general, are, I've managed to. I've gained about 15 pounds, which combined with my inability to work out earlier this year because of my back & shoulder problems, leaves me feeling like a whale! But a happy whale. Wondering when my belly button will disappear...