Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mouse on the loose

Okay, that last post got me a lot of weird "pray to him and he'll send you signs" kind of comments. Needless to say, they have been banished.

In the first part of our current saga, the pit/lab mix brought in a mouse. Wacky. Then she set it free. Wackier.

My husband told me when I got back from Seattle (the Locus Awards and SF Hall of Fame) that Xochi had brought in the mouse, but then it hid behind first one armoire and then the other in our dining room. The next day I saw the mouse poke its head out, tried to get it out from under the furniture, lost it, decided it must have entered the heating system through the nearby grate. The next day I found it trembling in the toilet bowl. THE TOILET BOWL. Thank pete I saw it! I got a couple rags to grab it with and a bag, succeeded in getting it into the bag, and in the rush to get out of doors, it jumped out and ran under the fridge. Sigh.

Tonight, it poked its head out from under the fridge. We chased it out, it ran over my foot (squeal! and I am so not a squealer.), and then under the sink. The hub gets a large piece of cardboard (hm, shield, maybe?) and I get another bag and start digging everything out from under the sink. No mouse, but a small hole where the dishwasher lines go. Sigh again.

I'll keep you posted. This is perhaps not the most entertaining, but the least stress-laden event in my life right now. There were Locus Awards, and will be Readercon shortly. Life is hard with two toddlers and one big old magazine. There are happy bits now and then.