Wednesday, January 20, 2010


February is just a tough issue, period. So many lists and figures to put together, but we made it through, first time without Charles.

Now I'm looking at the con schedule for the year, and started to get excited about what's in store. Got the Locus Awards contracts in place with the hotel, and ready to sell tickets. Looking forward to going to Wiscon for the first time. The Foundation is set up and coming along finally. It's going to be a better year, this year.

On the home front, Nora the Bold started to crawl and then moved straight on to pulling herself to standing. It's exciting, but the idea of a nine month old baby that can walk is a bit daunting when you consider the language barrier...

Kyra made a big jump and potty trained herself pretty much, and is going to start at a new preschool in the next two weeks. Lots of exciting stuff.

Started going to the gym again recently, first time since taking over at the mag. Hoping I can keep it up. I'm combining it with my reading quota, since I can read on the cardio machines, and I have soooo much to read now.

And not to jinx anything, but some good news coming down the pike...