Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

On my desk today at home, amongst the flotsam, I have a shareholder letter, the Brown trust for which I am co-trustee, the minutes of last year's foundation meeting, and some instructions for placing your child in a preferred school district. It's just kind of snuck up on me, this whole becoming a responsible adult bit. I knew it was happening in bits and pieces all along, but Charles' death has truly hammered it home.

I'm home today taking care of the toddler with flu, which is a worrisome thing. But also reading people's blog posts about WFC and glad I went. I had a great time, though I worked too much and wore myself out. Now I'm working through my own con crud and compulsively taking my daughter's temp every half hour or so. And getting the Recommended List ball rolling finally. A little later than I had hoped, but still within parameters.

Good to see everyone in San Jose. If I get a chance, I'll write a proper post about it...