Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Pics

oh man, how cute is that?

Baby love.

Missed the Locus Awards ceremony in Seattle, which I spent many hours organizing, and the SF Hall of Fame event . Ah well. From Mzmelia's reports so far, it went smashingly. Had an impressive set of guests, half again as many as the Nebulas did, and still growing! And Seattle is beautiful in June... Next year, for sure!

Will miss Readercon and Worldcon as well. Need the hub to be able to handle both girls before I run off to any good cons. But World Fantasy is in my part of the world, so I'll be there!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


My garden smells awesome. The brugmansia is going crazy with blooms, the star jasmine is in its full glory, and I'm wondering if the night jessamine is just too much after all.

I just realized I never blogged about the baby being born. Well, needless to say, it happened! Just about the best birth I could have hoped for. Had the hub and a couple of friends -- Hanna, who was an awesome support person (thanks so much for being there!) and Mzmelia, who just made it in time for the big moment! -- there for support. My doc, Jill Foley, MD, was fabulous; and labor was short (4 hours) and for the most part painless (thank you epidural). Then 3, yes that's right one, two, three pushes and the baby was there. Nora Isabel Trombi. My own little Tootsie Pop.

Three days old.

Nora has been a champ thus far. Sleeps for long stretches at night often enough to give me hope of sleeping myself sometime soon! Kyra is, if anything, too affectionate with her. But that's so much nicer than jealous, I can't complain.

We're spending this Saturday morning in the backyard, watering the flowers and eating croissants from the French bakery that moved into the neighborhood recently. Like I said, my garden smells awesome.