Sunday, September 03, 2006

October has arrived

It's been a rough year. I caught myself reveling in the cold weather and fog we've had the last couple of days, knowing that it's the season changing, and wanting to move forward. Looking forward to winter, snowboarding, family gatherings. I've been keeping myself busy, looking forward to World Fantasy in Austin, one of the places I always wanted to go to with the band since the music scene supposed to be great there. But we never made it.

Photos are from Mzmelia's & my cablecar adventure in the city.

Reading: THE FACTS OF LIFE, by Graham Joyce
THE KEEPER, by Sarah Langan

I flew through DREAMS OF ENCHANTMENT. Really couldn't put it down till it was finished, then I dug out the other ones by Graham I hadn't gotten to. THE FACTS OF LIFE had the same feel, similar characterizations, but different time and place. Both could be called fantasy, or could be read as straight fiction, but the feeling is definitely fantasy for me; that sense that things are always slightly tweaked. I am always impressed at his ability to draw the reader into the families he writes about. An excellent writer, all around. Starting TWOC tonight.

THE KEEPER I read a month ago or so. I hadn't heard much about, and was surprised to enjoy it, having never heard of Langan. Nothing wowee zang-bob new about it, but fun, in that dark way horror can be fun.