Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bedrest, ack.

33 wks LMP (31 wks gestation)

Baby weighs 4.23 lbs or 1918 grams. Baby is 17.2 inches or 43.7 cm long.

Bad news from doctor. My blood pressure is up, and I'm on bedrest till next week. My workaholism is flaring rapidly, but I'm doing my best to not stress out about the mag. It's actually not the worst time: deadline is over, the next few issues should be business as usual, with any luck, and all I have to get done right away is some billing... I've got four doctor appointments in the next week, though, now, so they can see if I have pre-eclampsia or not. Bleah.


Chris Roberson said...

That all sounds very familiar to us, as you can probably well imagine. Hang in there!

John Picacio said...

Hey, the issue turned out great. Hope you get some rest this week. :)