Friday, April 07, 2006

Dusk / rain

Just got John Picacio's artbook COVER STORY and it looks fabulous. He did a really nice job with it. Rush out and get one right away.

Got home around 7pm after dropping off my coworker, and the sun was still up. Gotta love daylight savings. Took my new mp3 player, freshly loaded with CDs I haven't listened to in years, and took the girls for a walk in the rain. It's a beautiful time: dusk, when it's raining. No one is out. The world's mine alone.

Of course half the neighborhood thinks I'm nuts now cos I was singing along with the music. The upside of not having listened to most of my CDs lately is getting to rediscover a bunch of music that has already been screened. By my past self.

Listening: 20 Minute Loop

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matt said...

You didn't mention anything about the pictures you posted with Matty in them. I guess they are self explanitory.