Sunday, April 02, 2006

April showers

Wow, the rain is just thumpin' down today. It's been going pretty solidly for a couple weeks now. My plants are happy, but I wish our backyard was put together already so we could use this free watering to establish the garden. Soon. If it ever stops pouring.
The dogs are getting fat and lazy.

Went to a reading by Robert Silverberg and Kim Stanley Robinson with Z'boss and Mzmelia in San Francisco the other night. Talked to Jeremy from Nightshade about typesetting books. Had tapas. All good. Bob's piece was from 1971, with a slightly hypnotic psychedelic rhythm to it which came across really well in the reading.

The wake for my friend Jess was a really sad but special experience. I think it was everything she would have hoped for: friends coming together and drinking, eating, and dancing in her honor. Brought everyone a little closer again.

Of tea and candles I have no fear.
But your glance, without love
to temper its edge,
is a terrible thing.

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