Friday, August 03, 2007

Almost back at the mag...

Feeling like I'm up and running again here, which is great. Signed back on at the dojo, and could finally have my black belt by next year if I really stick to it. I've been back at the mag for two days a week for the past 3 weeks, trying to minimize the mountain of work I have to do to catch up. Everyone there has been great about the baby, and very patient.

I'm just mastering the art of getting out the door with baby, which is hugely liberating, though not always entirely successful.

Wow, Facebook is wacky. Someone invited me on, and then suddenly it seems like everyone is on there, and just newly on there, too. I'm not really into the various networking sites -- I have something minimal up on MySpace; I'm on Tribe but really only for local events. But Facebook seems to be more interactive and social. Still deciding if it's worth the time or not...

So here are some more photos, and a video clip.

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