Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In limbo (whinge warning)

Simply put. Ten days till my due date, full bed rest, so tired of being horizontal, excruciatingly uncomfortable 40% of the time... and waiting.
People keep telling me to enjoy this part, "the easy part." Not only am I not really the kind of person who seeks out "easy" on a regular basis, but who likes "easy" when it's effing uncomfortable? Everything hurts. I can't put weight on my right leg in the evenings without my pelvis separating (click, grind, OW!). Mind you, I am very happy to be having a baby. And I am SO ready to meet her. Blame it on anticipation. But enough complaining already...

I love my friends. Blake texted me in the middle of the night from Wiscon, something along the lines of "Dude!! Getting drunk, miss you!" in what was apparently one of his last sober moments of the con -- ain't that sweet. Hanna, Tracy, Jessie, and my sis have all been keeping me from going crazy by calling and visiting me at home regularly. Soon, soon, she will be here and I will be up again.

Bedrest Buddy

My next con will be WFC in New York in November. I can't wait. The hub has already been told he's on baby duty for the week and will have to take time off for it.

Totally low-tech (no scanner at home) alien-looking ultrasound shots .
Baby cross sections = creepy stuff.

39 wks LMP (37 wks gestation)

Baby weighs 7.25 lbs or 3288 grams. Baby is 19.96 inches or 50.7 cm long.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there girlfriend. Based on my bedrest experience, THIS is the hardest part.

After she came out, I felt like I could conquer the universe!

I know you will to.:)