Friday, December 15, 2006

Wow, am I a lame blogger, or what? Despite regular pangs of blog guilt, I still have failed to post anything lately. All those photos I was gonna put up, brilliant witticisms to drop on the unsuspecting masses, groovy links to clever postings by other folks, yeah... that was gonna be great. But after working all day on my computer at The Mag, I just don't find much energy to get back online at home.

I do have an excuse for all that exhaustion though -- I'm pregnant. Wacky, huh? 16 weeks. It's a rollercoaster, but I'm enjoying it. I kind of go from random euphoric moments of bliss to wanting to rip people's heads off for moving too slowly in the grocery store... but I *am* trying to keep all the hormonal swings in check. If I growled at anyone at WFC, accept my heartfelt, pregnant apologies.

I also just stopped fitting into all of my pants in one fell swoop last week, which is a bummer. I've still got six months to go!

So virtual smooches to all my friends; I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday, and have a drink for me on New Year's Eve. Toodles!!


Deanna Hoak said...

Liza, congratulations! I hope your pregnancy goes beautifully.

abi said...

Yay you!

Completely understand the lack of blogging...between the traditional close period of the first 12 weeks, and the exhaustion of the first trimester, I am not surprised.

Congratulations. Keep us posted.