Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Talk about a change of mood

Ok, so I was frustrated, then not. But this email I just got made my day:

"Hi my name is Tracey and I was listening to my Peachfish cd and thought I would look and see if there was any Peachfish info or revivals going on. Well I happened to type in your name on google and found your page and was wondering cause you sure look like Liza from Peachfish is this is indeed you? If you are from Peachfish I just wanted to say that you were and still are one of my fave bands. I was at your last concert at the Starry Plough in Berkeley and was sad that you guys parted ways. If there is ever a chance you guys ever do a concert again just for kicks, please let me know if this is you."

My band broke up 5 years ago. That's just cool.

1 comment:

abi said...

It is cool. I get the odd bookbinding site fan mail, and I know how it feels to hear from someone completely unconnected with you who loves the things you do.

Yay you!