Sunday, December 18, 2005

A bit nippy

The weather has really turned here. It's gray, cold, and windy. Good Christmas weather. We got the January issue in with the Canadian stuff, the WFC reports and photos, and a long obit for Bob Sheckley, who never recovered from his last surgery. Sad stuff, that, but we did our best to give him a good send off.

Went out to the Borderlands Books holiday potluck on Friday. Had a great time. A fantastic, commiserating conversation with Jeremy Lassen about night terrors, which he has, too. I've actually never met anyone with such a similar version of them.

Now that it is raining steadily, we discovered that our enthusiastic landscaping disturbed an underground network of gopher tunnels. All the water that is running downhill underground toward our house is now bubbling up to the surface in our backyard. There was a small waterfall tumbling gently into our mudbox this morning. Joy.

So these guys stole a two-ton, $5.2 million bronze statue with a crane and a flat-bed truck in London. "Three men are being sought, having been captured on security cameras." That's ambitious.

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