Monday, October 24, 2005

35, already?

Reading: PRETTIES, by Scott Westerfeld
THE HIDDEN FAMILY, by Charles Stross

My 35th birthday will be during World Fantasy. It could be really fun, or a total non-event, we'll have to see. The hub is a wee bit bent that I won't be around, but he's learning that these things are important to me. Very excited that John Picacio is up for the award -- keeping fingers crossed. Wish I could make the IHG, but too many plans already.
My cat Ole has taken up experimenting with the water dish -- so far he has put an empty TP roll, his collar, and a cork in, just to see what happens. Wacky.

Scott's YAs are entertaining-- it's refreshing to see some YA SF instead of just fantasy. The market is SO saturated with magic and fluff, we really needed some SF. And they are a zippy read that can be done in one session, which I really appreciate with all the stuff I have been trying to get to.
Finally got to start THE HIDDEN FAMILY. I really enjoy Charlie's writing style, but dread cliff hangers on principle. Addendum: Just finished it and was happy that it resolved several of the plot points, even though there is a third following.


Abi said...

Half of the threescore and ten, and your cat has discovered the scientific method. Excellent.

Happy birthday.

Liza Groen Trombi said...

Thanks, Abi. I've started taking snapshots of the water dish. Must have a record of the experiments, after all.

abi said...

But - as I was coaching Alex to say the other day - where is the control? Gotta have a control.